Leading robot training and skill development tool. Designed from Germany and manufactured in Taiwan.

Build anything you want... from imagination.

Durable, strong, durable, strong and beautiful

Suitable for developing skills in Basic Technician

Compatible with other educational tools like LEGO

Popular equipment for learning basic robotics engineering from Germany


Real Project

Automatic Hand Satinizer

Cagebot® What is it?

Cagebot® is a modular robot kit with a beautiful and elegant design for educational purposes and robotics prototyping for basic use. Designed using strong, durable, lightweight and reusable secret industrial grade plastic. With these capabilities, Cagebot® is suitable as student prototype robotics kit for creative education.

By combining with motors from Sha Yang Ye Industrial Ltd. leader in the production of quality motors, allows us to create a variety of works Including creating a robot platform that everyone can use. Cagebot® is also compatible with existing products such as LEGO Mindstorms, which is including easy to use software. Even for advanced users, Cagebot® is also support Arduino board and software, allows you to extend your programming skills beyond limits.

Compatible with many platforms

No creation boundaries

Cagebot® Products

CAGEBOT® Products

For Education

Cagebot® For Education

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