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Automation Machinery Design and Manufacture Service by Success Robotics

Design and manufacture all types of machinery by experts. Suitable for every industry needs with friendly after-sale service.

Air filter robot

air filter robot It can move by using LIDAR as a guide, in combination with the ROS (Robot Operating System).

Smart trash robot

smart trash robot able to move using LIDAR as a guide in combination with ROS (Robot Operating System).

Air quality meter

Light pole to measure air quality, temperature, humidity, dust, PM 2.5 by using solar lights (solar cells) to charge, can transmit effective long-distance data. and modern structures

Electric vehicle

An electric vehicle that is driven by 4 Mecanum wheels

Depth measuring robot

It is a robot that moves on the water surface. There is a depth sensor and using solar cells to charge the battery.


Electric wheelchair with modern design .Driven by a hub build-in BLDC motor system that can drive the whole system automatically. Navigate with LIDAR and smart camera And can move by manual system by using the player to control the robot to move to different points.

Model Arm Robot

Industrial robotic arm design for various tasks such as assembling robotic arms, welding robotic arms, robotic arms for milling workpieces.

Industrial robotic arm training set

It is a training kit for industrial robotic arm to simulate a launch system. Pick up,inspect color and move the workpiece to the designated point.


หุ่นยนต์ รุ่น WX Hare 01 ขับเคลื่อนด้วยล้อ Omni-wheel สามล้อ ใช้ Lidar ในการนำทาง ร่วมกับระบบอัจฉริยะ ROS (Robot Operating System)

Conveyor system by belt

It is a system to automatically pick up the workpiece placed on the conveyor. To reduce the working time and work 24 hours

Pneumatic training kit

It is a training and demonstration series designed specifically for teaching and learning. Can learn and practice the basic operation of basic pneumatic equipment. Basic circuit training to build on to advanced applications. more efficient

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